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LionHeart Cleaners is proud to be the only on-site, full service dry cleaner in Broomfield, Colorado. We offer many dry cleaning services for your convenience at our Broomfield, CO location.
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There are riddles hidden in your clothes

Your garments have tiny labels inside mandated by the Federal Trade Commission, telling you the care instructions for each garment.

Sometimes, however, you will need the assistance of a professional Dry Cleaner to decipher the tags, according to fabric content, design, and additional trim etc. Lionheart Cleaners has 35 years of experience at solving these mind twisters.

My all-time favorite is "D/C the dirty.  Bask in the Sun. Whip lightly.  Made in China."  

I swear this is a true story.
Thanks, M.K.                                
Broomfield's Only On-Site Dry Cleaner