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LionHeart Cleaners is proud to be the only on-site, full service dry cleaner in Broomfield, Colorado. We offer many dry cleaning services for your convenience at our Broomfield, CO location.
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Leather garments are made from skins taken from various layers of an animal's hide - could even be from several different animals.  Manufacturers try to match skins, but even the highest quality, most expensive skins, can result in variance in texture, weight, and color. These variations may be accentuated after cleaning.  Oils keep the leather supple but can dry with time, wear, improper storage and/or cleaning.  All leather that is dyed will result in color loss depending on the finishing procedure by the manufacturer.  Colorfastness depends on the body origin of the skin, or how the dye is absorbed during manufacture.  Cleaning should only be done by a trained dry cleaner like Lionheart Cleaners, who can advise and/or remedy some of these issues.
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